Aboriginal cultural awareness


Awareness and Understanding Supports a Learning Relationship...



Why Do You Need This Mastermind group? And Why Is Now The Time To Join?


1. Look at the Truth of where you are now!


Ignorance, lack of confidence, misunderstanding, fear of making mistakes, these are some of the emotions stopping you from excelling in your work.


2. Set a Goal for where you want to be in One year from Now.


Kado Muir will share his Culture Story with you to grow your understanding and awareness of Aboriginal culture, then help you identify and set your Goals.


3. You Want to make a Difference


You are committed to bringing change into the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. You work in this area to make a difference, you are sick and tired of failed Closing the Gap targets or low RAP targets. You know we can do better, this is your why, its what drives you to seek a higher standard for real IMPACT.


4. Commitment for Action


Build on what you learn, take action and measure your results. Keep in touch share with your group, attract the resources to support your action plan.